Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Who cares about secrets?!
so they're going out,
so she's a bully,
so he hates me,
so she's had sex,
but Guess what
i don't care about
you, or him,
but I care about
that vibe she sends!
So listen up world
you say no
but that's when I say go.


That's my game
you lose this name 
it's not the fame
you want, it's the shame
to tame,
this dame.

Monday, November 7, 2011


So many pairs.
They stare at me as if
They know.
But I didn't tell them.
Although I'm sure he has
In fact I know
But to know is one thing
And to share is another

What Used To Be.

I used to have something with you
We used to share a friendship.
But now all is down the drain
To the point where you can no longer see me.
It doesn't matter to you,
what you say or do
because you don't understand
anything you say

A Few Words.....

Your arms wrap around me 
A jacket that quiets my shivers
I am no longer that sad, upset girl
Because now you are here
You changed me.
I no longer linger in the past. 
For I can see the future

The Words I Hear

You know things
you shouldn't know.
You say things
you shouldn't say.
You spread things
you shouldn't spread.

Warning to all:
Don't trust what you read.
Don't trust info that you haven't heard.
Only trust what can be proven.