Monday, January 30, 2012

That Moment

You are my escape

In a world full of hurt and sadness

When we smiled at each other

The world stopped

And no one could ruin this perfect moment

You are everything a person can be

But far away-

In a world of texting.

You'll always be in my hand, heart and soul

But in the real world-

You are not in walking distance.

Next time might be too late

I doubt you'll find another me

But I know you'll wait

Until we create, that moment;

Never be forgotten


That moment when time stopped

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For You; Dear

The bond I have with you
extends so far
I saw you, you looked crazy
but then I met you, and knew you were crazy
you understand me,
get me
love me
trust me
respect me
even though its only been months
BUT this is not about me,
its about us.
I was asked to write about happier things
and you are one of the
HAPPIEST things that has happen to me.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Truth

everyone wants to know
but no one wants to share
for fear of being judged
but the lies we say instead
get us into trouble
and sickness
i just admitted to
an emotion i feel
its scary, i know
but trust me
its better then
lying to yourself

Sunday, January 8, 2012

We Can't.

The most complex word I know is
Not only does this word mean I can kiss who I want
It means I must live in fear that one day it will be over
There was one that I wish to mention now
This was no boyfriend, she and I were soul sisters
So I thought
She and I did everything together from laughing at jokes
To studying, from watching TV to facebook
6 years later.
The pain of laughing alone at a memory we share
The unsettling thought that brings me sadness
The idea that two people could be so close
But then wake up one morning and realize that
The entire friendship is gone
We no longer share giggles
We no longer have sleepovers
We no longer share secret
No more plans,
Waiting for her, no
In class giggles, no
Talking to her, no
Hugs from her, no
She is now the person I fear most.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Alone. Again.

It wasn't me,
I didn't.
I wouldn't
How could I have?
It was only one time
I never meant for it to go this far
But because it has
I question life.
I wonder everyday
For if I see her
I will fall.
Into the Dark
I will be alone,


Will it be as if I never knew you?
Its not like we had a fight
But I am okay,
I am a new me
Free to be
Instead of waiting around
On my computer
I now read, write
And feel free from
The worrying
And suffering
to me,
As for you
I wish you
A great 2012
You try to replace me
But we both know you can't

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I know how it feels
I know how it works
I wish I could say
I have never hurt
But there is only one thing to say
In my kind of hurt
But I can not say
For I am in pain
So much that air
Has hurt me
I wish I could know
I won't be hurt again
But silly me
I know. I will be
Its not like i will plan it
Sometimes its just their
Time, if i've learned anything
Its that
The more I HURT, from my losss
It means the more I LOVEd and careD

Think What Is Important

Its not your fault
that your gone now, but it did help me
to understand what values you gave to me
though not palpable
these lessons mean more to me
than any other present
i have recived.
never have I ever wanted
anything more than
the knowledge i have know
materialistic things
a camara, a laptop, and even a cellphone,
not important to me
nothing compares to the best gift
of Family, Friends
And people who care


So, this so called 'friendship' 
Is over, and I don't care
Because I swear, you will never find
Anyone like me
And I hope one day you do read this
Because I am done
This is not fun, but it was
Your loss, your choice
All those years
Giggling, laughing, talking, walking
I know who you are
But YOU do not