Sunday, January 8, 2012

We Can't.

The most complex word I know is
Not only does this word mean I can kiss who I want
It means I must live in fear that one day it will be over
There was one that I wish to mention now
This was no boyfriend, she and I were soul sisters
So I thought
She and I did everything together from laughing at jokes
To studying, from watching TV to facebook
6 years later.
The pain of laughing alone at a memory we share
The unsettling thought that brings me sadness
The idea that two people could be so close
But then wake up one morning and realize that
The entire friendship is gone
We no longer share giggles
We no longer have sleepovers
We no longer share secret
No more plans,
Waiting for her, no
In class giggles, no
Talking to her, no
Hugs from her, no
She is now the person I fear most.


  1. Your best, I think.

    Missing word on the last line?

    1. your right, i am missing a word,


  2. I like this poem....I agree with of your best iv ever read......and ever so powerful.