Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I only wish I knew

I said goodbye,
when i really meant hello.
I said I wont be back,
when i really meant nice to see you.
I said you mean nothing to me,
when really i meant give me time.
I said i was done,
when i really meant i don't know.

I say i want you,
when i mean i want you.
I say help me,
when i mean help me.
I say i am sorry,
when i mean i am sorry.
I say i am hurt,
when i feel hurt.

I say I love you,
when i mean
I never want to say goodbye,
I never want to leave you,
You mean everything to me,
You complete me,
Stand with me, for as long as you love me.


  1. I like this poem a lot and it really makes sense with my life as well. Good job and keep writing!

  2. Great love poem. Feelings go deeper than words. This poem captures how sometimes people say the opposite of what they mean because of the intensity of their feelings. The poem ends in complete honesty, with admitting how much you need the other person.