Sunday, July 29, 2012

Colors Of Emotion


You make me feel free, like a cloud in the sky
You make me feel curious, like when you look into a doll's eyes
You make me feel safe, like a baby blanket cuddled around me
You make me feel sad, like when something does not go right
You make me feel Happy, like a child receiving a present
You make me feel calm, like when flower beginning to bloom
You make me feel relaxed, like a bee collecting its pollen
You make me want to become a better person.

Changing My Voice

I am a voice
   yet to be heard
   yet to be spoken
I am a speaker
   yet to learn the language
   yet to hear the audience
I am the audience member
  yet to appreciate the voice
  yet to understand how to listen

What I AM

I am a secret yet to be discovered.
I am a lock with no combination.
I am keys without a car.
I am a password yet to be revealed.
I am a lie with no truth.
I am the truth         waiting to be told

What I See

I see mountains
I see trees
I see houses
I see cabins
I see animals
I see fields
I don't see politics
I don't see hatred
I don't see religion
I don't see illness
I don't see death
I don't see fraud
I view a land so precious I can hear peace
I view a land so precious I can smell friendship