Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 5 2013. One Year.

I cried,
I wailed,
I made mistakes. 
I was so weak, 
I broke. 
I am becoming stronger,
I am making amends,
My wailing is no longer silent. 
My crying is no longer quiet, 
I am learning. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Being a Teenager

Teens, YOLO, just do it
Three phrases; one bond
They share a common misunderstanding
Meaning what?
Meaning exactly that,
Teens – only refers to numbers between ages
YOLO – seems to mean do it because you can
Just do it- meaning not to care about the process in which you decide what you do
They are opposites, yet also synonyms
As ‘teens’ we are often told
“these are the best years of our lives”
And “we should live a little”
So in following the advice of those older then us
We should not care about small things, but what is small?
Beyond the letters of this message lay the most interesting question
Are these people saying that we should just live ‘YOLO’
Should we only care about doing things, because we can?
I am often told “enjoy being young”
What does that mean?

I cannot keep living in a mixed up society